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Homegrown Herd

From A Farm You Know + Trust

Located near La Corey, Alberta, our multi-generational family farm offers fresh, local, and quality meat.


The Herd

Our animals are humanely and locally raised, with fresh air and sunshine. Our herd is fed naturally, primarily on grass pasture in open fields and in the winter months are supplemented with our homegrown silage and grain. Here at Homegrown Herd, we believe in healthy, stress free conditions that make for clean and nutritious meat without the added use of hormones.

We are licensed as an On-Farm Slaughter Operation. From start to finish, all the animals are born, raised and processed here on our farm. 


Happy Eating

Homegrown is always better than store bought. Make a purchase you can feel good about. Enjoy traceability with your meat, know where it is coming from while supporting a local farmer in the process.

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Home is where the herd is.

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